How To Make A Custom Badge...

Hello! To kickstart the design process, we do request the following information:

1. Are there any specific words or phrases you want featured on the badge?
2. Would you like the 4x4 positioned at the bottom?
3. Please be aware, for legal reasons, that we do not generate in-house artwork. All artwork must be supplied by you, the customer. To ensure your satisfaction, we ask for links to the graphics you wish to incorporate. These graphics should be in PNG format or have a white/transparent background. Easily find suitable graphics by searching "Desired item + PNG/transparent background" online. If necessary, we can also remove white backgrounds. Please refrain from using screenshots, pictures of a graphic, or watermarked images; if you come across such images, it's necessary to purchase and email them to Larger image files are preferable. If you have the original artwork file, we can make alterations. Please send those files to us via email.

Keep in mind, the badge's quality is directly tied to the artwork's quality you provide. For guidance, revisit point #3 or contact us for assistance in the right direction.

Once we have these details, we'll provide several mockups for your review. Upon confirming the artwork and badge design, we'll send you a link to finalize your purchase. Payment secures your order, and badges are typically shipped within 3-5 business days.

Custom badges are $23 each. If you are looking for a bulk order please email us @ for more info :)

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