Mitzi (Tampa Bay)

Mitzi (Tampa Bay)

1. Small intro of yourself (how long have you been with JGOF)

Hello, My name is Mitzi and I have been part of JGOF for over 6 years now. 

2. Tell us about your Jeep (name, any cool mods, etc)

Maui is my 2016 JKU, Maui has had a few modifications over the years and I have enjoyed growing right along with him! Mods are a fun and exciting yet also a nerve-racking part of the fun. Making each Jeep as unique as the driver!

3. What is JGOF to you and why did join the leadership team.

JGOF is an important part of the Jeep life for me. While SSS is a huge part of my heart and soul, JGOF is where I get to spend quality time with the women that make such an important impact in the Jeep community in Florida. The best part of being in leadership is not only learning from all of the different experiences' others bring to the table, but helping others with my experience. We all have to start at the beginning and all have something to learn and teach.

4. Where is your favorite place that your Jeep has taken you?

I have to say that Windrock is by far my favorite destination and this past year was one for the books. I am excited to see what adventures await in 2024! 

5. What has the “Jeep Life” given you?

The Jeep life has brought many things into my life, including some of the best friends I could have asked for. Jeep Life is Family Life, being able to share the great times with my chosen family is one of the most rewarding parts!

6. What is the one “Bucket List” thing you want to do with your Jeep. 

Moab and Colorado

7. If you could go back in time to the day you bought your Jeep what is the ONE piece of advice you would give yourself? 

Don't worry about breaking stuff.. That just means you get "UPGRADES"!!

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